Richard Lines, co-author of "FROG Modelaircraft 1932-1976":

"Your encyclopedia is way beyond anything I was expecting - and much of the text is most interesting. A Masterpiece."

"You have done a magnificent job."

Leif Hellström, co-author of "FROG Modelaircraft 1932-1976":

"Your research has obviously been very far-ranging and you've uncovered an incredible amount of additional material. My hat off to you and your book and I hope it sells as well as it deserves. It is a pity that other brands of kits are not being covered with the same thoroughness and enthusiasm."

Didier Palix, author /
"This book is for sure the best one I ever saw upon a very precise subject. It is evident that it is the result of a whole life of passion and research..."
Roger Simmonds, Society of Antique Modellers (SAM) /
"...methodically researched, lavishly illustrated and beautifully produced..." - "...should be on the shelf of anyone with the slightest interest in the history of model aircraft..." - "...thoroughly recommended...".

Jeremy Manser, son of Joe Mansour:

"...a “lavoro d’amore” of which you can be very proud".  

Brian Kelley, Military Toys From Our Childhood (FB-group):
"The hours of dedicated research is obvious throughout the contents of this historical reference book. Even if model making is not your main hobby, I think you can appreciate the detail and information within this softbound volume."

Peter Booij - International Plastic Model Association (IMPS) The Netherlands:

"An impressive book that reads very smoothly and a must for anyone interested in the history of our hobby and FROG 'Penguin' in particular!"

Don Carrick - International Plastic Model Association (IMPS) UK:
"The author skilfully weaves the human interest elements of the story into the more technical details..." - "This plendid book, a landmark volume in the written history of plastic model-making, should find a place on every modeller's bookshelf, to be dipped into and read with relish..." -  "Very highly recommended".

Full review below:
Didier Waelkens - International Plastic Model Association (IPMS) Belgium:
"If you want to know more about the early days of plastic kit modelling, then this fantastic work offers you a book as well as an encyclopedia".

Jean-Claude Carbonel, author /

"A must".

Collectors Gazette - Collectors Club of Britain:

"...beautiful...fascinating reference book...".

Jim Travis - Australian Plastic Model Association (APMA):

"...the authors work in gathering the material contained here is staggering...", "...a tribute by a real enthusiast...", "Definitive is an overworked word often applied to this type of book but this one is".

Ron Bell - International Plastic Model Association (IPMS) USA:
"...a gold mine of old photos of Frog kits, adverts and other ephemera.", "...anyone interested in the history of our hobby will find this book interesting and valuable".
Finescale Modeller (USA):

"A comprehensive collection and narrative of the birth of the hobby - everything you would want to know about the company's founders and the development of plastic scale model kits".

Scale Aircraft Modelling (UK):
 "A very intriguing book and superbly researched by the author".

Pat McGrath - International Plastic Model Association (IPMS) Ireland:
 "If you’re interested in the history of modelling this is a book for you, the real joy for me though is the abundance of photos both colour and black and white which tell the story just as well as Peter’s writing does. This is a book I’ll go back to again and again. ".

Some readers' comments:

-"Wonderful book"; "Excellent book - a real must for all FROG enthusiasts - highly recommended"; "Very interesting and informing book".